Brooke Lucas

Specializing in economic development and government relations for nearly 15 years, Brooke Lucas brings Pendleton clients a highly unique set of skills, insights and relationships.

She possesses a deep understanding of working with community governments, economic development organizations, state agencies, the University System of Georgia, the Attorney General’s Office, the legislature and the executive branch.

This advantage of breadth of experience offers unparalleled value to businesses seeking to locate and grow in the State of Georgia.

Lucas worked as a Project Manager at Georgia Electric Membership Corporation and the Macon Economic Development Commission where she served as a global and nationwide business recruiter for the State, as well as communities throughout Georgia.

She served as Chief of Staff for the Georgia Department of Labor where she managed an operating budget of $437 million, as well as the State Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, which included stewardship of $1.3 billion, nearly 4,000 staff members and 47 facilities located throughout the state.

In addition to leading the Labor Department’s workforce programs and government relations efforts, under her leadership, new product offerings were developed to support business recruitment in the State of Georgia. New teams were formed, including the addition of Regional Coordinators to manage workforce and economic development needs at the local level.   The “Georgia Customized Recruitment” program was created to link business and industry to qualified workforce talent.

Customized Recruitment has since received direct budget allocations from the Georgia General Assembly and is now actively marketed by the Georgia Department of Economic Development to businesses seeking to locate in the State.

Lucas joined the Teachers Retirement System in 2017 as Chief Operating Officer, which manages a $76 billion pension fund for Georgia’s teachers and University System employees and administers an annual benefit payroll of $4.2 billion.

Lucas recently completed her Master of Business Administration Degree at the University of Georgia where she served in two international residencies (South America and Europe) and studied international economics and trade markets.

A native of Metro Atlanta, Brooke received her Bachelor of Arts from Mercer University in Political Science and Business.